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        Welcome to Foshan City Yilai New Material Co., Ltd. official website
        Sanming Rd., Cangjiang Industry Zone, Gaoming Dist., Foshan City. Guangdong. China.
        Tel:+86-757-88625126 Fax:+86-757-88626483



        PVC fence cloth


        Regular size:

        Width: 0.19M

        Weight: 450GSM

        Dimensions: 0.19m x35m 0.19mx70m 0.75M X 3M, 0.75M X 6M, 0.90M X 3M, 0.90M X 6M, 1M X 5M

        Design and color: various designs and colors for customers to choose

        Features: Waterproof, windproof, UV-resistant, sun-shading, tear-resistant, long service life, not easy to age, simple operation

        Uses: balcony fences, guardrails, garden fence screens, etc.